It's wonderful to have you here!


i cant beleive you decided to visit! rest a bit and check out my About or some of my Projects!

About me:

I'm Todd's Inner Demons, or Todd for short. I'm an artist and I fix laptops occasionally!
I'm into the Moomins and They Might Be Giants, and usually type in all lowercase.

About this 'site:

This webby site was created in order for me to have a place to put my projects. Maybe I'll move off of neocities one day.
but for now im broke, and cannot afford a URL, or a place to run my site. so for now I'm on neocities.
If you want to fix that, then maybe commision me! In the future, I will set up a commision sheet, as well as some products on Redbubble.
Look out for a new post, on a blog(?) portion of the page or maybe even a webcomic(????) if I really need something to do.

This website is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION